For First Time Doku Players

Doku Basic 101 : Bird's eye view of Doku

Doku Basic 102 : Three basic rules of Doku (or Sudoku)

Doku Basic 103 : How to start a new puzzle and play

Getting serious with Doku

Doku Basic 104 : Basic input methods (including a neat speed trick!)

Doku Duel : a Must For both New and Serious Doku players

A Two minute tutorial on how to play Doku Duel

A tutorial on how to play Doku Duel via Dokugram

Tutorials on the use of Memo functions

Following videos about Memo are for Doku players at levels Red and up.

How to add memo items for a cell

Ways to delete memo entries

Shortcuts to view memo items

Tricks for quickly adding many memo items

Sticky mode + Memo : quickly add a particular memo item to several cells