iOS7 users : The current version of Honk may crash when you try to access the built-in Help mode by pressing the Spade button on the top-right corner of the screen. The fix is ready and will be soon available as the update. Please bear with us. Thank you.

Two most common issues some of the new users of Honk encounter:

Map Problem:
Check this out

Alarm Problem? The solution may be found

Now back to the regular help section for everybody:

What's New section summarizes recently added features. It also shows cool features for finding your parked car and syncing alarm with your iCalendar.

FAQ section for all the features of Honk that are not obvious for casual users.

There are four buttons at each corner of the main screen that may not stand out against all background images.
The Diamond button on the top-left corner of the screen activates the clock display of the set alarm. The clock view momentarily appears whenever you swipe to set the meter. This button gives you the option to keep it visible always. Tapping on the clock area again will cancel.
The Spade button on the top-right corner of the screen activates/deactivates the Help mode. In the Help mode, Honk will offer a brief explanation for most of the explanation-worthy buttons when you press one. To switch back to the normal operation, press the red Spade again.
The Clover button on the bottom-left corner of the main screen manually cycles through all the background pictures. Normally, the picture is chosen depending on the hour of the day.
The Heart button on the bottom-right corner of the main screen is for you to save your beloved and also support us.