0. The most likely reason for your problem:
Honk alarm is designed
not to sound if Honk is open and at the foreground (active) of your device.
The way to use or test is to put the device to sleep, or press Home button to push Honk to background after you set its alarm.

Still no alarm? Then, please check the following:

1. Go to
Home > Settings > Notifications


2. Scroll down to the bottom where it shows Apps that are Not active in Notifications:


3. If you find Honk in the "Not in Notification Center" list, you found the root of the problem!
To fix, tap on Honk. You will see the following view.
You should set
ON for Notification Center, choose 1 Recent Item or 5 Recent Items (this will set how many alarm messages to be displayed in the Home screen); We also find Banners to be the most convenient choice for Alert Style.


4. Finally turn ON for all the rest in the list: Badge App Icon, Sounds, and
View in Lock Screen.


5. If this didn't solve the problem, please contact us! We will do our best to help you.