Introducing iStorm. The world's most innovative collaboration tool, that lets users work, talk, and think together. With iStorm, a user can open up a document, and immediately start brainstorming it with other collaborators over a network.

Sometimes, even a genius needs a prod to make things happen. iStorm incorporates a chatting function, which allows you to argue with peers while editing the document. The chat function also includes a unique emotion system, which allows collaborators to express their emotions while chatting.

iStorm uses the new Rendezvous technology to let users connect to hosts with zero configurations! When a user hosts a document, others on the local area network will see it immediately in the join list without any hassle.

iStorm features an elegant one-button interface that lets users utilize all of iStorm's networked editing functions with a click of a mouse. (Or command + return.) The button doubles as a status indicator of the availability of the document. If it is red, a collaborator is editing the document. If it is blue, you are editing it. If it is green, the document is free for anyone to edit. Could it be more intuitive?

iStorm includes a net-enabled chalkboard. It also features an intelligent yet non-intrusive built-in calculator. Just type a math expression, and a single keystroke will get you the answer. You don't even have to select the expression. For serious scientists, it provides an integrated TeX equation interface which works in the similar way. Synchronized navigation of imported PDF files and shared annotations. Need to work together on a web page? Try our new built-in Web Editor module with amazing steal-and-archive capabilities.History making collaboration is now within a few clicks away.

Latest Version: iStorm 3.41

What's New in iStorm 3.41:

Several minor bug fixes
Cartoon caption tool for iChalk
Seamless collaboration over internet
Web Editing Module with Steal-and-Archive functions
Sync PDF with Annotations
Simultanesous Editing in Shared Scratchpad
Voice Messages
Webcam Snapshots

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iStorm used in demo mode has the limitation of a 20 minute collaboration. You can purchase a license to unlock iStorm at the following options:

Basic License
Home Site License
Educational Site License

iStorm Feedback

If you have any bugs to report, questions to ask, features to request, or experiences to share, we'd love to hear from you!

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