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Honk is an App for iPhone and iPad that helps you keep the parking ticket lady off your car! Through its unique handwritten memo, photo, and automatic GPS functions, Honk also takes you back to your car hiding in that huge garage.

Simply swipe your finger across the meter to set how long you plan to park. While in the background, Honk will mark the parking location on the map, and when the time comes to head back to your car, it will honk you.

Have you ever forgotten where you parked, and embarrassed yourself on the wrong floor, while your spouse and children had to follow you along one painful step after another? And it was January in Boston? Most Find Car Apps, with their overcomplicated controls, would make you feel like you are trying to crack open a federal bank vault.

Use Honk's simple note pad to scribble down your spot, in a language of your choice, using the most trusted tool you have: your index finger. It also allows you to take a snapshot of your spot and superimpose the photo on your handwritten memo. Honk has a built-in map with innovative functions to guide you safely back to your parked car. Have you ever wondered if you are heading in the right direction at all, despite holding the GPS app open in your palm? Honk will show your recent trajectory via bread crumbs that will help you quickly orient yourself. Remember this, Hansel!

Now, you just got an iPad. When you settle in your cafe, you realize that you set the alarm on your iPhone. But you are already fully plugged into the iPad. What to do? Try our new bluetooth sync feature between the iDevices. (That is until we all have iCould...)

Parking has never been this fun! Honk if you agree.

- Simple, intuitive interface to set the parking meter alarm. A single swipe will do for most situations!

- Honk updates the remaining time on its App Icon. A quick glance at your home screen, Honk gives you a peace of mind.

- Smooth and easy handwritten memo to further help you with marking the parking spot.

- Take a Photo, and annotate it with your handwritten memo.

- Honk automatically marks the parking location (GPS) when you either set the meter alarm or add a memo/photo.

- Auto-orienting map for units with built-in compass, and whenever possible, Honk will annotate the locations with human-friendly addresses.

- Accommodate many different types of meter with long (up to 24 hours) and short time limits; Adjust how Honk should issue its alarms.

- Soft, regular, Shopping-Mall-Mode as well as library alarm options.

- Innovative sync between iPhone and iPad.

- Gorgeous background photos change according to the hour of the day, and help brighten your day.

- Honk uses the new (iOS4+) background processing and local notifications for reliable, accurate alarms. It also supports Retina display.